Tribo Morro

•October 31, 2009 • Leave a Comment

Located on the isles of Tinharé in the Atlantic Ocean, Morro de São Paulo’s tropical paradise island as a two hour boat ride from Salvador, Bahia. Intimately close to the cultural capital of Brazil but worlds apart, the children of Tinharé live in an unspoilt natural environment whose hopes for a bright future are diminished by the few jobs available in the hotels, restaurants and nightclubs. Incentives to study are low, as is access to a good education and with a short high tourist season bringing in insufficient funds to ride the economic drain the rest of the year, a rife drug problem plagues the idyllic island community.

Founded by Marcos Santana in December 2005, TRIBO Tinharé set up a place for the 30 – 50 children (4 to 19yrs) of the island to use computer facilities and instruments as well as attending workshops and performances and offers both an alternative and an incentive to elevate the children’s chances of success. Developing musical, performance and social skills, the children and young adults build self-esteem as out-standing members contributing positively to their community. TRIBO Tinharé is offered to the children for free and the project is sustained from funds raised from the Main Triboband and workshops in Europe.

Additionally, members from TRIBO London and TRIBO Zurich visit the island every year and an exchange programme is projected for the future.